Transport Leasing

Who can benefit from funding for Transport Leasing

All transport companies can benefit from our support! 

  •  Big transport companies that chose to replace the old vehicles with new ones 
  • The companies that want to increase the number of the vehicles 
  • Small businesses, (physical persons) that have the transport license and with existing activity in this field

The best way to renew and increase the fleet of vehicles

  • To reduce the cost of fuel consumption
  • To reduce the maintenance cost
  • To increase the quality of the vehicles
  • To increase and improve the customer base by offering new higher standards of vehicles
  • To face the competition by offering better services for the clients

Means to finance

  • City Buses
  • Intercity Buses
  • Buses and minibuses for the Tourism Sector
  • Trucks for national and international transport
  • Trailers and Semi-Trailers
  • Tankers

Financial Terms

Lease term: From 24 up to 84 months, 0% remaining value
For used vehicles, the period between the first registration date and the end of the lease must not exceed 96 months

Advance Payment: Minimum 20% of the vehicle price




Euro (%)


(EUR / month)



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