List of Documents

For Individuals

  • Valid ID (Passport, ID Card with photograph) of the lessee / guarantor
  • Driving License of the lessee (applicable in case of assets leased is vehicles)
  • Family certificate
  • Verification from the employer, defining the gross salary, job position and duration
  • Verification of Home address (copy of Telephone or Electricity bill)

The above documentation will apply for the co-lessee, if applicable.

For Corporate deals

  • Audited financial statements for at least 1 year, and financial data for the current year must be made available by the client
  • Valid ID (Passport, ID Card with photograph) legal representation document of the authorized signatory / partners of the company / guarantor(s)
  • Certificate of registration at the National Registration Centre, Statute of Company, and other appropriate legal documents
  • Business license issued by respective authorities, if applicable
  • Rental contract of the business object (in case of rented object)


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