Leasing is an innovative way of having an asset, without being forced to pay its total price immediately.

Leasing is based on an important concept:
“Profit is created through the use of the Asset and not necessarily from the ownership of it”

Leasing is a contract between a Leasing Company (“owner of the Asset” or “the Lessor”) and the user of the Asset (“the Lessee”)

A standard process of Leasing develops in the following steps:

  1. The Lessee (the Client), choses an Asset for its needs in an Authorized Seller.
  2. Having no funds for the payment of Assets’ full price, he is directed to a Leasing Company.
  3. The Leasing Company after evaluates the Asset and payment ability of the future client:
    1. Signs the Leasing Contract with the client
    2. Buys the Asset
    3. Registers its ownership on behalf of the Leasing Company
    4. Delivers the Asset to the Client for usage
    5. At the end of the term after all payments are duly paid, the Leasing Contract passes the ownership of the asset to the Client


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